Photographer/Videographer | Washington DC

Job Description Managing the processing and use of images, discussing technical problems. Captures images for websites, public relations and marketing materials. Carrying out research and preparation for a shoot. Estimated Hours per Week Project dependent Salary $25-35/hr Required Skills Ability to compose a shot, frame, color and light to create a visually pleasing image. Ability... Continue Reading →


Fall 2016 Portfolio Shows

Portfolio Show Our graduates are ready to demonstrate how years of hard work have prepared them to work hard for people like you. Come meet this year's class of ambitious creative minds. Our Graduates For our graduates, creativity is only the beginning. They don't just have the ideas; they have the skills, the technological know-how,... Continue Reading →

Photographer | Baltimore, MD

A year has passed since Rome and Sydney’s breakup and tensions run high when these two are forced to finally see each other again. Desperate to move on and put their relationship behind her, Sydney becomes obsessed with her blossoming career as an interior designer and finds very little time to have a social life.... Continue Reading →

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