Software developer |Fort Washington, Maryland,

The Dajour Group Job Description Applicant will be responsible for developing/ coding a new multi-media application: ReelPanda Job Requirement Applicant must be comfortable developing a media-rich content front-end GUI, as well as robust back-end database. Programming Languages:  Any Language is welcome with exception to C and any of its Variations. Secure coding knowledge desired but not... Continue Reading →


Freelance Contract Video Editor | Washington, DC

SiTEL’s mission is to transform educational approaches in healthcare by developing 21st century training technologies with state of the art educational approaches that are user friendly and easily accessible. SiTEL works closely with its academic partners, including the MedStar Health Research Institute, the National Center for Human Factors Engineering in Healthcare, the Georgetown University School... Continue Reading →

Retail & Recreation | Arlington, VA

On behalf of the dedicated staff at Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Henderson Hall, I want to thank you for utilizing our facilities, taking part in our activities, and allowing us to serve you as you serve your country. It’s our privilege to provide the goods you need and want, the programs that benefit your... Continue Reading →

Interior Project Analyst | Washington, D.C

  Arrowood Manufacturing, LLC. Job Description  Arrowood Manufacturing, LLC is a custom architectural woodworking company based in Norwood, NC(apprx. 50 miles east of Charlotte) We would like to bid on a new custom reception desk at Andrews Air Force Base.. actually at their Fitness Center. To bid on the Project, we have to have someone attend... Continue Reading →

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