Internship Opportunity at a Fashion Startup Company | Arlington, VA

The position will provide interns an opportunity to work directly with the founders and learn about building a technology and fashion startup.   Job Requirements Responsibilities and learning opportunities include but may not be limited to website design and development, vendor research and communication, data analytics, social media engagement and SEO. After a three month... Continue Reading →


Fall 2016 Portfolio Shows

Portfolio Show Our graduates are ready to demonstrate how years of hard work have prepared them to work hard for people like you. Come meet this year's class of ambitious creative minds. Our Graduates For our graduates, creativity is only the beginning. They don't just have the ideas; they have the skills, the technological know-how,... Continue Reading →

Graphic Design/ Fashion Marketing Intern | Ashburn, VA

Job Description At Solebrity you will be in charge of creating creative graphics and images to be used for the companys national marketing efforts, Assignments vary but will include online research relating to clients 􀀁and client issues, drafting materials , gathering information on target organizations, proofreading. Job Requirement Outstanding visual communication skills, Web design /illustration skills, advanced Adobe... Continue Reading →

Sales InternWho is Interested in Jewelry / Fashion Merchandising | Washington D.C

    Job Description In a nutshell, she would learn captivating ways of displaying jewelry and accessories, interacting with customers, And also keeping detailed records. There would be opportunities to model designs, and occasionally keep the design. Job Requirement The sales intern must live in Washington DC. A female is strongly preferred. Salary/ Hourly Range  Non-paid... Continue Reading →

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