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The Twelve Days of Christmas, Inc. celebrates more than 15 years as a volunteer service organization committed to keeping the spirit of the holidays for less fortunate families. Beyond the holiday season, the organization has expanded to serve our communities throughout the year by encouraging and ensuring a successful return to school to students around the country by providing uniforms, backpacks and grade appropriate school supplies. This outstanding service organization is composed entirely of volunteers currently consisting of six chapters located in Houston, TX, Oakland, CA, Washington, DC, Dallas, TX, New York, NY and Atlanta, GA. The legacy of “parties with a purpose” was founded in 1999 by Gayla Gardner and Donya Gardner of the Houston Chapter. The organization continues to grow and fulfill its mission of sharing our blessings.

Job Title

Webmaster: Temporary project – May use individual periodically when website needs updating.

Job Description

Lay out content on web pages; fix links that don’t work and pictures that aren’t appearing properly and generate and revise web pages. This is a website for a non-profit who has six chapters and each chapter will need there pages updated with new information (written) and pictures.

Estimated Hours Per Week

Temporary project (project may last 24-40 hours total): 4-8 hours per Chapter


Free Experience – $500 for the entire project


The candidate must have a degree in web design.

This work can be perform from the candidates home but I would first like to meet in a public space to discuss the project and set a timeline.

To Apply

Email your resume to Sheila McCray at shelaamac@gmail.com or call Twelve Days of Christmas at 202-431-3652.


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