Culinary Inventory Receiver for Google Food| Washington, DC


Background to role:

The Google Food Program’s vision is to inspire and enable the world to make food choices and use food experiences to develop more sustainable lifestyles and communities. The Google Food program’s mission is to inspire and enable the Google community members to make food choices and enjoy food experiences that support them in being their best.  Based on the program’s vision and mission, the Google Food Team has developed a clearly defined strategy that puts a strong emphasis on collaboration, innovation, the Responsible Business framework, and Behavioral Economics.

The maintenance team exists to support the global Google Food program and its values both to Googlers, and to the vendor partners.

Role Summary:

Responsible for receiving storage and inventory for all departmental supplies and food stuff, along with maintaining sanitation in storage areas.

Checks in, stores, and maintains all deliveries and food/supply storage areas. Participates in inventory and ordering as well.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Inventories and maintains necessary food and other supplies to ensure efficient operation of the Food Service Department.
  • Stores food and supplies in correct containers and in proper storage areas according to department guidelines as indicated by non-spoilage of food.
  • Maintains records and logs documenting storage temperatures of perishable food items per standards.
  • Dates, labels, and rotates stock according to procedures as indicated by oldest product being utilized first.
  • Orders food and supplies based upon product specification as established by company ordering protocols and procedures.
  • Secures designated areas of potential theft, dangerous chemicals, supplies and equipment to safeguard associates. Follows all security procedures regarding storeroom organization.
  • Transports food and supplies in appropriate containers or vehicles as indicated to ensure food or supplies arrive safely and intact.
  • Follows HACCP guidelines when receiving and distributing food supplies to ensure quality and safety of food supply.
  • Reports needed maintenance or repairs of equipment used to proper resources.
  • Completes all daily, weekly or monthly reports as outlined in the corporate policies and procedures on a timely basis meeting all prescribed deadlines.
  • Identifies and utilizes cleaning chemicals following directions recommended by manufacturers and per MSDS sheets. Utilizes equipment in performing job functions according to department safety procedures.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • 30 Estimated hours per week
  • M, T, TH, F 6:30am-2:30pm


Hourly: $12/hr to $15/hr

Required Skills:

  • Must be able to lift 50 to 75lb, be on your feet all day, work independently but also in harmony.
  • Product identification and knowledge is key.
  • HACCP, ServSafe, and FIFO

Contact Info:

Contact Kevin Devine by Email:


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