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On a typical day at the office, entrepreneurial brothers Shy and Eman ventured out for lunch, only to find the same routine take-out and fast casual restaurants to choose from. Instead of bland lunches loaded with preservatives, they wondered where they could find delicious, fresh-cooked meals—created with passion and high-quality ingredients. With full-time working spouses, the same problem persisted at the dinner table, and the quick and easy options usually weren’t healthy ones.

Job Description

Work on your own time with complete creative control. we take care of delivery and packaging while you make money doing what your love- cooking!

Job Requirement

Culinary degree: food handlers license; serve safe

Salary/ Hourly Range 

500~1,500  / weekly

Estimated Hours pre Week

10-40+  / week

To Apply

Please send resume to Sadullah


About Student Services Dept

Candace - Director of Student Services,, 703-247-6841 Lindsay - Career Services Advisor,, 703-247-3847 Jamie - Career Services Advisor,, 703-247-3843

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