Cook and Expediter,Wait Staff and Bartenders | Washington, D.C



Job Description

Expedite orders to servers,waiters take care of customers and bartenders attend to clients and make drink and make drinks including specialty drinks.

Job Requirement

Cooks should be well trained  in kitchen management including inventory and be able to expedite plates with speed.  Servers must possess a skill of welcoming customers and taking their orders, bartenders should be able to manage the front of restaurant by skillfully making house and specialty drinks.

Salary/ Hourly Range 

$3.50 (wait staff)

$12.00 (cook/bartender)

Estimated Hours pre Week

40 hours/ week

Other info/ Comments

To apply send email to indicating applicants name, desired position and telephone number to schedule an in person interview at the restaurant.

To Apply

Email resume Prince Matey,


About Student Services Dept

Candace - Director of Student Services,, 703-247-6841 Lindsay - Career Services Advisor,, 703-247-3847 Jamie - Career Services Advisor,, 703-247-3843

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