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Who we are

History Entertainment Networks is an Online Entertainment & Broadcasting Company that broadcasts TV-Web-shows as well as events to their website. History Entertainment Networks also provide affordable advertising for businesses small & large, advertising such as commercial ads, event sponsoring, website advertising, show sponsoring just to name a few. Some of the networks under the History Entertainment Networks umbrella are the following: YourTv, HESN Sports Network, Throw Down Cooking Network also our Moda Fashion Network are the networks that will launch in 2016 early 2017.

History Entertainment Networks will also launch our Music network summer of 2017. Four additional networks will launch before our app is available for download. We anticipate launching our app summer 2019 or earlier, once our App is available all of our Shows and Live streamed events can only be viewed on the new App.

History Entertainment Networks also host major events such as sporting events, music concerts, cooking challenges, fashion shows, networking events also major parties. Viewers from all over the World can tune in and watch these events and shows from their PC’s, Smartphones, and Computers. Their short-term goal as a company is to become the number one go to company for Online Entertainment.


Job Description

Uses machinery equipment to record, synchrony, mix or reproduce music, voices or sound efficts.

Salary/ Hourly Range 

$17.5 / hour

Estimated Hours pre Week

15-20 hours/ week

To Apply

Email resume Raymar or call 240-678-0475


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