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About  IMTD

IMTD uses a holistic and participatory approach to assess the key variables in deep-rooted conflicts and post-conflict settings. The Institute is focused on identifying and understanding the causes of conflict within a nation. IMTD promotes the breaking down of stereotypes and other barriers to peace by providing conflicting groups with the following skills:

1. Transforming the view/perception of the adversary
2. Developing mutual understanding between conflicting parties
3. Building trust between adversaries
4. Reconciling past grievances
5. Negotiation
6. Creating cultural awareness

Job Description:

You will be trained directly by our Director of Marketing & Communications, who has worked with Fortune 100 and 500 companies through her career. Her expertise lies primarily in brand design and communication across various industries. Currently, her efforts with our organization entail implementing her integrated marketing plan. Students can benefit from learning from her experience and expertise.

To Apply

Email resume to Mariana Melo, mmelo@imtd.org


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