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On behalf of the dedicated staff at Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Henderson Hall, I want to thank you for utilizing our facilities, taking part in our activities, and allowing us to serve you as you serve your country. It’s our privilege to provide the goods you need and want, the programs that benefit your quality of life, and the facilities that make you proud to be associated with Henderson Hall. Our mission is simple: to support Marine and Marine family readiness and retention. We do that through the dedicated service of our employees in the Marine Corps Exchange (MCX), Semper Fit’s Cpl Terry L. Smith Gymnasium and Zembiec Pool, Marine & Family Programs (MFP), the Java Café, and those in the support branch.

Job Position

Webmaster and Graphic Artist 
* Intern is September or October 2016 / Part time in February 2016

To Apply

Email resume to J.Felix Gonzalez, gonzalezj@usmc-mccs.org or OMBMarketingHH@usmc-mccs.org


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