Interior Project Analyst | Washington, D.C


Arrowood Manufacturing, LLC.

Job Description

  •  Arrowood Manufacturing, LLC is a custom architectural woodworking company based in Norwood, NC(apprx. 50 miles east of Charlotte)
  • We would like to bid on a new custom reception desk at Andrews Air Force Base.. actually at their Fitness Center.
  • To bid on the Project, we have to have someone attend a Site Visit on Thursday 8/4 at 10 am.
  • At the Site Visit, we need someone to look at the job, take pictures, make notes, ask questions, get a complete understanding of what they want and then give us a report describing the project so we can bid on this. Might involve a very simple drawing which show us what they want.
  • Shouldn’t take more than 3-4 hours total, maybe a little more, to visit the project and send us info. The site visit will probably last around an hour.
  •  Great way to get some practical experience
  •  It’s likely that we will have other similar projects from time to time in the DC area.
  • We will happily pay someone to do this.

Required Skills 

Take notes, Take measurements, Take Pictures, draft drawing.


3-4 hours /per week


Manager  Jim Yeatts  or  Donna



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