We need Pastry students | Washington,D.C


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Job description

  • Plating all dessert. Prep for all dessert aspects from scratch knowledge of chocolate sugar garnish, ice cream and sorbets. Bread production, cakes as well as mousses and creams.
  • Full and part time positions, 7 days a week business schedule from 2 pm – close.  Metro accessible. Competitive wages offered.



Any questions call  410-491-3257 Shaun McCarty ex. Pastry Chef
2401 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington DC 20037



About Student Services Dept

Candace - Director of Student Services, cmorgan@aii.edu, 703-247-6841 Lindsay - Career Services Advisor, lncubbage@aii.edu, 703-247-3847 Jamie - Career Services Advisor, jcoffee@aii.edu, 703-247-3843

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