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FBA Illustration Fall Application (Short) 2016

The Position

The marketing department at The Fillmore Silver Spring, a Live Nation music venue, is seeking a few Illustration Fall interns to join The Fillmore Brand Ambassadors (FBA), which is our department’s official internship program. As an Illustration Fillmore Brand Ambassador you will be given the opportunity to learn and have hands on experience with the following:

  • Execute show marketing plans with a specific focus on Illustration and Social Media Conceptualize, pitch, and design illustrations for social media promotional campaigns and digital marketing initiatives.
  • Create social media captions that align with the illustration + all brands involved in the campaign as well as creating copy for other design initiatives expanding beyond social media.
  •  Conceptualize, pitch, and design sustainable social media content including all illustrations, captions,and the story behind each concept.
  • Curate launch strategies for Fillmore Silver Spring social media platforms.
  •  Conceptualize and pitch big picture venue marketing strategies with a specific focus on illustrations as well as designs in alternative mediums.
  • Create illustrations + copy for brand activation experiences and third party partnerships.
  • Conceptualize, pitch, and design unique show posters for artists performing at The Fillmore.
  • Complete other duties as assigned including creating illustrations for our venue websites, alternative campaigns, and more.
  • Study and learn about The Fillmore’s artistic history including original show poster artwork and subliminal + psychedelic artistic styles.
  •  Report to The Fillmore’s Marketing Coordinator and Marketing Manager.


Skills and Requirements

  • Dedicate 15-20 hours per week.
    › This position comes with a stipend.
    › Being present in the office for 1-2 days with select remote hours is preferred.
  • Have proficiency with Adobe CC Software (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc, or an equivalent design program).
  • Ability to develop designs from sketch to completion without relying on pre-existing images. We are looking for true creatives.
  • Ability to conceptualize and design illustrations that have substance, are tasteful, organic, original, and purposeful. We need you to create artwork that tells a story.
  • This position requires not only the ability to design dope illustrations but also the ability to conceptualize and execute strategies to market the illustrations.
  •  Understand the purpose behind social media platforms and how to effectively utilize social media platforms including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Periscope.
  • Ability to create sustainable social media content, but also “flexible” sustainable social media content.

i.e. creating concepts for social media content that can be repeated for different shows/artists/campaigns,but can also be tweaked so the conceptualized content doesn’t become stale.

  •  Ability to create tasteful, clever, and “punny” social media captions that align with the illustration and all brands involved in the campaign.
  • Reliable and able to meet deadlines on a weekly basis.
  • Thorough communicator under all circumstances and very responsive to e-mails.
  • Ability to follow direction, but must also be proactive and take initiative.
  • Must be adaptive, flexible, and have a team player mentality + a willingness to provide a helping hand under all circumstances.
  • Reliable transportation: metro, bus, or car access.


  • Attending Concerts: Fillmore Brand Ambassadors will have the opportunity to attend Live Nation shows.
  •  Introductions: FBAs will have the opportunity to meet Fillmore managers/directors as an opportunity to learn, network, and build relationships.
  • Shadowing Fillmore Employees: FBAs will be able to schedule shadowing sessions with Fillmore employees during select show nights to learn how a music venue operates.


If you are interested in applying to The Fillmore Brand Ambassador Program as an Illustration intern, please send us the following:

Part 1: Your resume.

Part 2: A personal statement that tells us the following (you decide the length and bullet point answers are terrific):
› Your name, year, and how you stay involved with your campus and the DMV area.
› What you’re passionate about (even if it doesn’t include music).
› A list of concerts that changed your life and a list of artists that you can’t live without
› If your school mascot were a musician, who would they go on tour with, what would be the name of their hit single, and what would be the name of their album?
› Tell us why you don’t give a F**k what anybody thinks about you!

Part 3: Provide a link to an online portfolio, or attach a document featuring your illustration artwork.

Part 4: Please e-mail the above documents to
› AND Cc
› Subject Line: Illustration FBA


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